Best Trend Bets: See the 80’s in a new way!

Welcome to my first blog!

So you think purple was always popular? Moonwalking was invented by John Glenn? I am going to cause you to think back today, or if it is before your time, you will understand some influences on your future choices in fashion when we are done.

So, I am here to say we have seen the intersection of expression, technology, and fashion once again and in a positive direction. As we go through time you will see we are ready to enter the intersection again. With the losses of such major influences such as Prince, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and Whitney Houston, to name just a few, we have felt the undercurrent of the 80s during recent memorial moments. This reminiscent path is not just temporary. In the eighties, there was a lot of intersections from many music genres. This included hip hop, rap, club, and heavy metal. There was music and dance competing on every corner in major cities. And then there was MTV… music television.

This new way to listen and relate to music was not a new technology, but it was a new marketable music product. It transformed artists and brought us the moves and fashion of the funky, hip, thrashers, and dance divas. How does this relate to today’s trends? Let’s talk through it.

Today we are seeing a turn in the intersection of technology, music, and fashion. From wearable apparel and athleisure, to 3D printing technology, we are in a creation period. Add into the mix the disruption of virtual reality. Where will all this take us? I think a revival of sorts. In the 1980’s the following was trending and growing: Steve Jobs and Apple were starting to manufacture, Microsoft and Bill Gates were taking shape and IBM was pushing into homes. Now we are seeing new technology like the IoT (internet of things) enter our homes in a new phase of connections via everything from a washing machines to the coffee maker. Our lives are getting ready to open up and be assigned to data clouds for everything we do.

Bring in the 80’s music. It was a time of exploration and pushing new directions in many clubs, on TV and at concerts. The artists who have kept going since then are bringing messages back to the world and Madonna and P Diddy are just the start. Yes Janet is having a baby, but Miss Jackson will be back and I’m quite sure she will be bringing her next show up to the level it has seen before or better. Why? Because the eighties music was about passion and survival. It could be viewed almost as a selfie expressed in music, dance, and costume. Watch a few of any of Janet or Prince’s videos. David Bowie, Culture Club, Depeche Mode, The Police, and Duran Duran were big in Europe and took leaps into the US music scene. Between all of these styles, people were exposed to videos on MTV and it started some fashion statements in bright colors, shiny fabric, and military looks. Costume designers, stylists, and directors were being employed and competing in a bigger way. The impact they were making became influential. With interest moving to the video centric, fashion and accessories designers were asked to push limits too. Madonna was queen of this influence!

One movement that was not foreseen was the effect of rap, hip hop, break dancing and street style. It influenced whole markets such as the sneaker world. Companies like Nike and Adidas took their names to the next level by getting the hip hop and rap groups to wear their product. The styles would go to the streets and it would be the top price SKUs that kids would buy up along with their big gold chain jewelry. Fashion designers pushed their goods to the hip hop teams and their followers. They were taking samples into certain areas of NYC to create a wanted product and get the masses buying up their goods. Now with the new LED technology and 3D printed shoes, I am hoping that these new tech aspects will increase creativity by the consumer. For example, Under Armour is sending out shoes that can guide you through the streets with map technology. Customers will start adding capabilities to their own products as they compete with each other for the best fashions.

As street style leads once again, expect to see retail and design companies reach out to sponsor groups and events to start telling individual stories or “Sell-frees” I will call them, to get the interests of the mass markets. Young consumers will compete for their 15 minutes of fame via the company’s website or social marketing campaigns.

With all this transpiring, there is a young bright color palette emerging with an anchor of denim (reminiscent of the early 80’s dance music). I expect this will continue to flourish as people revive royalty colors similar to Prince’s Purple guitar, and Michael’s red Thriller jacket and pearl white glove. I also see the undercurrents of goth and metal movements follow closely behind and feature dark and vintage colors as a secondary trend. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the 80s undertones and beatbox rhythms as they cross our paths.

Update 7/3/16

Here are some references and evidence of the eighties influences as they creep into the marketplace:

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leotards and body suits-Color block

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