Regalia, 2018’s crown jewel color

Ruby inspired with blue zest.  Vintage in Bloom.

To be made or remembered.


We are going to relish regalia and all its forms.  Heritage and Hemisphere.  Which one is your favorite?  What hemisphere do you spend most of your time? Do you seek your place in a leather bound book of yesteryear?  Enrobed in velvet cloak, Sceptres and imperial swords surrounding coronation. Warbonnets, headdresses, tiaras and Orders of the fleece. Ruby red pillows upholding the crown jewels.  Craftsmanship continues through the artesian hand and the luxury minds that support the need for masterpieces. Embellimenta of braids,  gold thread and jewels.  Be prepared for an all star cast of jewel tones  cascading in to your world for 2018-19. May you find the regalia that suits your heritage and hemisphere identity.  Enjoy and mix it up.Take from the best to present your own tribe’s passion and pride. 

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