Historic Hues evolve into 2021

We see all the bright colors of the tech world influence.  Industrial revolution #4 and the new world of bots and AI. The mobile screen has become part of our everyday and we like the influence of well-lit colors.  Yes, that is true, and then there is our need to be grounded.

I have been anticipating this for some time and had discussed its re-emergence from the of a jewel color trend back in 2014 with my instructor Leatrice Eiseman, (world color guru) at her class on Bainbridge Island in Washington state.  It wasn’t quite there yet, and the last time it truly came together was in the 80’s, but there are different reasons for the colors to hit now and in succession.  I think you will see why this shift is happening after participating in the story to follow.

Think about the world right now.  What is going on?  People are designing data.  Robots are performing tasks such as line assembly, concierge, and flipping burgers.  AI is touching our hearts, our wallets, and our future choices.  AR and VR are the layers of icing on the industrial revolution #4. Changes are happening at lightning speed and our governments and systems that support retail, transportation, and education, are all scrambling to be the first in field, best in classroom, and uniquely experiential.  DO you feel you have more questions than answers some days?  Do you question a few times a year what the world will be like in 5 years with autonomous car in abundance by then and no need for teenagers to get a license?  Or how easy it will be for you to get around while doing work?  Even the fact you cannot explain what it will be like to your children or the neighborhood grouch, you know it is coming and change is the wind you must attach your kite to.

So… I can’t go into it all, but I will share my long-term color palette prognosis.  If you indeed need help with your specific product development and research directions, contact the RBD group here after finding this becomes relevant to your company or teams’ future. Here we go!


The first hue of the Historic Hues was revealed in my previous blog, and was named Regalia.  You can read up on it here, Regalia-2018s-crown-jewel-color. It is a ruby cast with blue overtones (reference Pantone 19-2030).  It is here and hitting the fall season in grand fashion for 2018. Whether it be the ruby red pillows holding crowns, or leather- bound books and velvet cloaks, the influence of deep history has indeed started.


To continue the story and the reasoning for the continued need to feel anchored, we have 2019’s Earthly Estate (reference: Pantone’s 18-5913).  It is a revival of the underside of English ivy and a toast to the deep Edwardian forest, places of escape and barely touched. Our relationship with greens and deep Kale comes to mind.  Our natural stones of deep jade and aventurine pull us there.  Our world is losing its ecofriendly depth with every footprint we leave.  We are searching for that escape and are reminded daily that our power sources for the Industrial revolution #4 must change.  We may have to consider the Muskmobile to Mars if we partake of too much of our world’s natural resources without replenishing them. Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest are in a very new way representing the stealing of the earth’s green treasures from us all.


As we continue into 2020 with the autonomous cars reality on regulated streets and revolutionary AI coming into everyday life, we are facing much contrast.  From scanning screens from day into night, seeing growth in both tech and artisan output, and seeking depth in our world.  The human community will need stable direct color, with a deep sense of universal being.  Beyond the ocean’s depth and the sky’s deep midnight we seek confirmation of our continued story into this century of change.  Bestowed Blue is the gift we look for and is the substitute for black depths to brings us hope and life.  It will hold steady the palette from Spring to Fall and become a staple in the home soon after.


And yet, in 2021 we will begin to bounce back into the comfort of our creativity.  We will shed the fear of our AI future as we harness it.  We begin to see our industrial revolution #4 as a catalyst to world solving issues, and to women’s strength as a support column of humanity and the benefits of our origins.  Peaceful Pedigree will be a start of our next spiritual renaissance.  Emerging interests in our creative history, reminiscent of a Louis Comfort Tiffany window.  The world of AI will push us into new fields and layers of brain capability and innovative art.


I share these with you because they are our future curve and the trends that will move through most markets on a longer curve.  RBD Group can work with you on where these colors and associated palettes and trends will apply to your company’s picture and how they should launch.  Feel free to contact me and get started ahead of the curve and invest in what makes sense for your company’s rollouts.  We got this!







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